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  • Jeni’s New Trousers

    This month Ben and Jeni enjoy a chat in the garden. It's a beautiful summers eve so we're joined by birdsong and the occasional passing ambulance. As we're so relaxed we talk about sleep and how people dream, those all important 2.5 seconds we have to change our lives, and whether old dogs can teach us new tricks.

  • Who’s buried in the garden?

    During our usual mix of wonder, awe and giggles we take look at brain training and whether it's good for nuns, we talk about death and what we do with our dead and get some insight into Japan's dog to child ratio and what that means for their population.

  • A Dyson On Your Face

    This month Ben and Jeni are joined by clinical hypnotherapist, supervisor and lecturer Jane Fox. She brings her experience as a clinical research associate in the pharmaceutical industry to our usual mix of chat, laughter and facts.